How To Spot And Love Boston Terrier Brindle Color

Brindle boston Terrier

I Love my Boston Terrier Brindle Color

Ignorance is bliss

Oh yes, that’s right. In this case anyway. I know I told you that we researched a lot before buying our superb Ivar. I had friends who had BT’s and to me, they always seemed to be black and white. Some more white than others, and during my research for the perfect companion, my wife and I discovered there were brown ones!  Oh wow! we loved those cuties as much as black and white ones but we picked the latter anyway. So we thought…

What are the Boston Terrier colors then?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) only recognizes Boston Terriers that exhibit black, brindle, and seal coats. Any Boston Terrier recognized by the AKC must have white markings around the muzzle, between the eyes and along the chest. However, dogs with additional white markings on the head, collar, front legs, and hind legs will not necessarily disqualify a dog from receiving AKC recognition. No other color or color combination is recognized by this established organization.

You can get more information on all the requirements for the AKC HERE . But if you’re like me and just love dogs, you won’t care much for that as long as your dog is in good health. Any color of BT will be agile, clever, playful, guardian and so much fun!!

As you can see here on this picture of the day we went to get him, he looked like he was all black and white. To our surprise, he was also brindle underneath. We could see what appears to be a second layer and at first I didn’t like it much. I thought it was a bad mix between a brown one and a B&W but it turns out it was a recognized color! Not that it really mattered because they are so adorable and according to the AKC, their impeccable manners have earned them the nickname ‘The American Gentleman.’ I really like that nickname because it pairs well with the other saying that the master resembles his dog 🙂



Now, here you can see through his fur and under the sun light his brindle shades. This picture dates back a year  (2020) and now it is even easier to see. Only future will tell if it will stay as it is!I know that some people will say it is not the proper color but you know what? Ivar is a family member not a show dog and we love him as is. My fur coat isn’t perfect either and my wife still loves me!

Nice color, but does he shed?

That’s another good thing about Boston Terriers. They do, like any other dog, shed but not that much. I haven’t really noticed a difference between the seasons in my living room. They shed all year long but if you vaccum even once every two weeks, there isn’t much hair on the floor. Yeah, another plus for the breed. I must admit that he spends a lot of time outside except during the winter where he stays close to heat sources 😉

(You still have to brush them so find what you need here:  Dog Brush for Short Haired Dogs )

Food can impact on hair shedding, read our article on —–> BEST FOOD FOR A DOG

Brindle, a family name too

In conclusion, I know this article was not in depth but I believe that if you follow me then you have what you came for. You came here for some basic infos and a bit of cuteness lol.
Seriously though, if you want more information I always recommend the same 2 sites which are the AKC and the Canadian Kennel Club.
As for the family name Brindle, I didn’t know my dog had brindle in him and guess what? It is my grand-mother’s maiden name!  Call me snowflake if you want but I think it was Ivar’s destiny to be part of our lives.

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to comment or ask questions.











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