The KzGrit Dog Toothbrush Review: Will You Love It?

Dog pet toys can be found everywhere. Are they good, affordable dog dental care though? Here is our the KzGrit dog toothbrush review: will you love it? Let us know! Brand: KzGrit Item Firmness: Soft Material Feature: Natural rubber Weight: 135 grams Cleaning process: All-around teeth and rubber spikes Easyness to use: Very easy The accumulation of tartar and plaque can […]

What Is The Difference Between Service Dog And Therapy Dog

What is the difference between service dog and therapy dog? There are also working dogs, and emotional support animals and they all play a different role and have different legal rights and obligation for each. What do service dogs help with? Let’s look at them and obviously, how my buddy Ivar qualifies 😉 What Is […]

Finally! The Best Food For My Boston Terrier

What Do Boston Terriers Eat? First of all, as I said, I am no expert or purist. I do, however consult a lot of people and do quite a lot of research on what matters to me like my dog Ivar, the Boston Terrier. This is how this article is gonna go… I will give […]

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