HEAPETBON 31.5″ Long Handle Pet Pooper Scooper Review

HEAPETBON 31.5″ Long Handle Pet Pooper Scooper Review

Dog Pooper Scoopers Sale

That’s right! Nowadays with Amazon and all the online shopping, everything is always on sale! So how to choose between everything that is out there? I decided to try one among all the others and see if it’s good or not. If you’ve been on this page before, you know me. You know I’m not about all that over consuming world and I tell it like it is. So when I started looking for an easy scoop dog pooper scooper, I turned to Amazon and got one. I did not buy 7  to test them all and never used them afterwards. Nor did I just read online and copy pasted what others think. I bought one and I’m going to tell you about it. Through time as well if need be. Should I have any trouble with it in the coming months, I will come back and update this post.

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So, plastic or metal dog poop scoop?

For me, the choice was easy. I always leave it outside and I live in Quebec where the living conditions in the winter are between ok to harsh. I don’t like anything related to dog’s execrates so there was no way I was going to keep this in a mud room or porch in my house so it had to withstand the weather because it was going to stay outside, on the ground, close to the container.  A metal dog poop scoop is no good for me. I need it to be plastic so it won’t rust, won’t be too cold to pick up or so cold that Ivar will actually lick it and get stuck on it lol

Which dog pooper scooper to chose?

Dog Pooper Scoopers Sale season is open and I decided to go with plastic Heapetbon 31.5” Long Handle Pet Pooper Scooper.  It has a folding design, it’s easy to carry and is visible with its green handle (very useful before your second coffee, right Arlene?)  It is also made of environmentally friendly plastic, it is light and portable and most important of all, it appears very sturdy to me. I bought one last year and the handle broke after one week. Then the scoop broke. I fixed it because I’m a mechanic but that’s not what I want when I buy something. I expect it to work and to be tough.  Another thing I like about it is the strong spring-loaded bucket, it holds up and will cut through crap rather than stay open if you know what I mean… If not, don’t hesitate to comment 😉

Heapetbon 31.5” Long Handle Pet Pooper Scooper Video Review

You read that right, I did a Youtube video. I started a channel to show you what I use and some more amazing stuff. As time goes by, I will post videos from my 3 enterprises.  So without further ado, let’s look at these videos! (Please be gentle on the comments, I’m new at this. My daughters will update me on the trends lol)



So as you can see, it works well, it seems surdy enough for me and my environment and that’s all I was looking for therefore I give it 5/5 Woofs!  (or 5/5 stars for your purist of the reviews lol )

That was a quick read for you guys, I hope you enjoyed it. I try to keep it short and to the point. I hope you enjoyed the video as well and I promise I will get better. Some other family members will probably join me soon too. Please come back often !

**UPDATE AFTER 4 WEEKS OF USING IT** September 10th, 2022

So if you watched the update video, you should know by now that we do NOT recommend it for now unless they would come up with a better solution for the little clips that break and leaves you a pile of c**p in your hands, litteraly! 

October 15th update ——– Pawise Smart Scoop

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8 thoughts on “HEAPETBON 31.5″ Long Handle Pet Pooper Scooper Review”

  • You are right to go for plastic, as metal simply rusts away when being kept outside and of course in cold weather everything sticks to metal which is not ideal in this case. 

    Love the sturdy looks of this one and the strong spring that it has and I think this dog pooper scooper is the best one I have seen so far. I wonder if they ship to South Africa? Also does the contraption last that allows you to open and close the spring?

    • Hi Michel! yes plastic is great but in the mean time, did you read the update and watched the update video? I tell a bit of the downfalls of the model. As for the handle, it seemed to hold but the rest didn’t so I could not tell you what would have happened in the future on this matter. 

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!


  • I just watched your video on the dog pooper scoopers. You made it look straightforward to use. However, its durability seems to be an issue of concern with the clips that seams to break. But the beauty of having not to touch anything when scooping your dog poop seems to be magic. I will pick up the dog poop scraper

    • Honestly, if you read my other posts you’ll learn that about me, I HATE picking up!! I hate the feeling of picking it up and carry a bag for another 2 miles when I walk my buddy.  I’m going to update this post soon with a new video on another model. Stay tuned!

  • I believe for pet owners out here, especially for those who love to take their dogs for a walk this is a great tool that can make life so much easier because when our furry friends have to go they have to go no matter what. I did not know they had this dog poop cleanup tool.

    • Thank you for your comment Norman. It is indeed very useful for walks. I didn’t know it existed either but when I saw it I couldn’t resist to buy it. If you read my other posts, you’ll understand why 😉

      Come back often!

  • First off, I want to say that I love your review and your honesty and personality that has come out in it.  The HEAPETBON really looks like a quality product to be honest.  It’s something that a dog owner like myself would want out of a pooper scooper.  Would you still recommend it to someone who lives somewhere where the winters are not that bad, like in Texas?

    • Thanks so much for your comment Jessie! I hope you subscribe to my Youtube page as well 🙂 I have more stuff to be tested coming soon. I’m curious, did you watch all 3 videos ? The scoop is good but didn’t make the cut in the end lol  I definitely recommend it anywhere even in Texas but you would have to fix the little clip on the bucket issue. Other than that, it’s a good buy!

      Thanks again and come back often!

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