While Shopping for Boston Terrier Merchandise

While Shopping for Boston Terrier Merchandise…

I came across a very neat t-shirt and it inspired me to tell you more about what a Boston Terrier is. I will show you the picture and give you the why’s of the description on it. Boston Terriers are very good dogs therefore I understand that among popular personalized gifts much are Boston Terriers imprints. By the way, I do not sell that Tee, it just inspired this article. I found it on a Facebook page and I will give you the link but I am not connected to them in any way. I’m just happy for them if it helps sell some, that’s their business.

So without further ado, let’s look at this t-shirt.

  1. Ears for eavesdropping : they hear everything! These cute but gigantic ears will move around like antennae to follow the sound. Their head might not move but they listen in the direction they want to!

  2. Head tilts when listening to humans: I have read that this is a sign that they are really paying attention to what you are saying; it doesn’t mean they understand though lol but they are very intelligent and they will amaze you

  3. Nose: Primarily used for snorting, sniffing, wheezing and snoring: Yep that’s right. The way their muzzle is formed makes them a bit noisy. It’s not too bad and we get used to it. Like other dogs, they are guided by scent and they use it a lot so you hear them a lot. The snoring can go from cute purrs to annoying growling sound like Jake Brakes kind of noise so it sparks a lot of laughs here in the Blanchette’s house when we are watching a movie together.

  4. Eyes: Used to spot strangers and intruders: They might be small but they are very protective. They are strong enough to protect you too. Well, they will delay intruders and give you time to react. My family sleeps better now that we have Ivar because we know he will wake us up at the first sign of trouble in the house. He doesn’t bark much as we have trained him not to so we know that when he does, something is not as usual; not always dangerous but worth paying attention to.

  5. Mouth: Snack detector and delivers lots of kisses: Among the best vacuum cleaners on this earth much are Boston Terriers lol Seriously, I never had a dog who cleans the floors so much… Not always practical though because they tend to eat everything they find therefore they poop a lot of hair (there are 4 women in the house) and that means it is all strung together and we sometimes have to help him out with it.

    Not my favorite task!  What about the kissing? Do Boston Terriers lick or kiss a lot? They do! Now, in my family we are not big fans of dog kissing or licking so we have trained him accordingly but if it’s your style, you’re in for a treat! Boston Terriers are VERY AFFECTIONATE DOGS! They will love you so much, it’s unimaginable! Which brings us to the next point…

  6. Heart: Made of pure gold and unconditional Love Meter: They will love you no matter what. Sometimes we have to stay away for longer than usual and you should see him when we get back, he’s not holding back on the kisses and hugs and jumping around us. You know, sometimes I think they love us more than our kids because no matter what consequence we give him, he never holds a grudge against us lol Now that’s unconditional love !

  7. Bum: Methane gas production unit: Now I personally haven’t witnessed much of that. Some say I’m lucky, maybe it’s true but Ivar doesn’t fart much. He used to, before we found the right combination and brand of food for him. He still farts when we give him special treats but he loves his bacon and hot-dogs!!Find out more about right food——–What Do Boston Terriers Eat?

    So if you’re lucky or if you don’t mind the little accident once in a while, Boston Terriers make excellent house dogs.

  8. Stomach: Food storage: This honestly, I don’t understand. If they mean that they eat a lot well, I guess OK. Like we said earlier, they eat everything on the floor. They will always eat the treats you offer them. In our case, Ivar is no ”glutton”. He eats twice a day his regular portions and never seems to ask for more. One thing we have to be careful about though is the cat food. We have to keep an eye out because he tends to empty Lemmy’s bowl when he is bored! Maybe because it is fish based and he loves fish!

  9. Paws: Cat chasers: “I tawt I taw a puddy tat!” If BT’s were little yellow birds, that’s what they would say lol Boston Terriers instead of a British Bulldog would probably make an excellent comic show if they would create a remake of Tweety & Sylvester! Sorry, here I go again loosing my trail of thoughts lol So yeah, they love cats! Ivar loves to play with Lemmy and is always willing to approach other cats but they don’t like him much, he’s too playful like a normal BT is and that usually don’t fit well with the feline race. They can live very happily in the same house though, don’t worry.

  10. Legs: Run wildly in circles or wildly runs in circles: when you let your Boston out of the house, get out of their way! They need, love and live to run! Something very noticeable about them is that they really do run in circles!
    Just follow this YouTube link to see what I mean: Boston runs in circle
    I don’t know why they do, but they do. If you have the chance to own 2 of them, they really love to chase in circles as well and boy does that help them with taller dogs! We let Ivar run with Arlene’s father’s Golden-Doodle and he always gets the best of her lol

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Boston Terriers Cute T Shirts and more…

Boston Terriers cute T-shirts are nice to have but having a BT friend is soooo much better!
You can find the inspiration for this article Right Here.
I hope this article brought light to all the things we say about these cuties and I wish it also brought a smile or a chuckle in your day! Feel free to comment or to email us anytime! I appreciate everyone’s input and love to discuss!

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