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Welcome to our Boston Terrier Discovery Site


Our little story

We are a blended family made up of four beautiful and intelligent young ladies (Eve, Lexee, Madyson and Nahomy), a father-grand-father in his late forties (Jeff) and an extraordinary wife (Arlène)! Nahomy lives with her daughter Victorya and her boyfriend Jordan but are just as close to us even if they live a hundred kilometers away. Let’s not forget our cat Lemmy and our muse for this page, Ivar. We all have a crazy love of animals, we watch a lot of animal documentaries, we visit zoos and two of our daughters have started horse riding. The youngest in particular dreams and talks non-stop about having her own ranch! Although we love animals, having one is a whole other thing! Arlene having never had a dog nor ever wanting one, the girls and I had to work very hard to win her agreement; but when the pandemic arrived, leaving the vacation budget free and giving us time to take care of it, we rushed and went to get a Boston Terrier now known as IVAR. Since that day, he has never ceased to amaze and delight us.

 Why this page then?

We found the search for our companion rather arduous and punctuated by constant questioning about food, lifestyle, breeders, varieties and so on!  On top of that, I did not mention the fraud attempts we suffered along the way and the supposed specialists who confused us. In short, it was a rather special adventure and we want to help you avoid this situation while providing you with up-to-date information and trials of foods, treats, toys, etc. that you might like. We want to help you have a rewarding experience such as ours with your Boston Terrier!

Why help people?

Arlene and I have always been people who wanted to help others. It’s in our nature and we are the type to be told very often: “Ok you have done enough, it’s good, I think you have helped him enough!”

Yes, yes, we understand that but we can’t stop so we decided to bring this site to life!

If you have any questions or requests, feel free to contact us at any time by leaving a comment on one of our pages and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Jeff Blanchette



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