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How to: Crate Training For A Puppy

How to Crate Train Your Puppy Are you thinking of crate training your new puppy but don’t know where to start? Here’s the definitive guide to crate training! Your pup can feel safe and secure in their own space. Why Crate Training Can Be Beneficial Crate training can provide a safe den-like atmosphere for your […]

How to Stop a Dog Biting

A dog that bites can be dangerous and frightening, both for pet owners and the general public. How to stop a dog biting is therefore key to a happy life with your Boston Terrier.  Don’t get me wrong though, Boston Terriers are NOT on the list of the 10  most dangerous dogs! If needed, here […]

How About A Wagging Dog Tail

Once there was a family that bought a Boston Terrier with a long tail. They were curious and wanted to know more about it. Here are the results of their search. Thanks to Donnie Gardner and his Bella for his long dedicated information site about BT’s. Different Types of Dog Tails Are you a fan of the […]

The KzGrit Dog Toothbrush Review: Will You Love It?

Dog pet toys can be found everywhere. Are they good, affordable dog dental care though? Here is our the KzGrit dog toothbrush review: will you love it? Let us know! Brand: KzGrit Item Firmness: Soft Material Feature: Natural rubber Weight: 135 grams Cleaning process: All-around teeth and rubber spikes Easyness to use: Very easy The accumulation of tartar and plaque can […]

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