The KzGrit Dog Toothbrush Review: Will You Love It?

Dog pet toys can be found everywhere. Are they good, affordable dog dental care though? Here is our the KzGrit dog toothbrush review: will you love it? Let us know!

Brand: KzGrit

Item Firmness: Soft

Material Feature: Natural rubber

Weight: 135 grams

Cleaning process: All-around teeth and rubber spikes

Easyness to use: Very easy

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The accumulation of tartar and plaque can cause gum infections and threaten the health of the dog’s teeth. But who has time to brush the dog’s teeth? I thought buying dog pet toys to chew on and dog dental treats would do the trick but then…

Affordable Dog Dental Care Please!

We went to the vet lately for a check and she mentionned to us that Ivar’s teeth were lacking care. I was not too happy about that as I always thought that the reputable dog treats we gave him to keep his teeth clean would be enough but apparently I was wrong. Yes, that’s right, I have just admitted being wrong honey 😉  I have always been a fan of affordable dog dental care so I always looked for ways to get just that but treats are not the real solutions apparently…

I will write on those treats as well in the future. I am just preparing a video to go along. I like to make video reviews as well.

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Now, the vet told us we had to care a little more than that. She said we should brush his teeth everyday. I was not a big fan of brushing my dog’s teeth everyday since I have a lot to do with the business to run and the kids to care for. I’m pretty sure you can relate! We asked for an alternative way and  it had to be in the “affordable dog dental care” category which I’m the #1 member 🙂 

She recommended dental lotion and a cleaning toy. So we got Ivar some oral and dental care lotion.  We used the Biogance brand the vet recommended to us but there are many good brands out there too. Once this bottle is gone, we are going to try other brands.

Find different brands here———> Dental lotion for dogs

It seems to have worked wonders so far as I look at his teeth more regularly. It’s a shame I forgot to take pictures when we started doing this right but I can definitely see a difference. The difference can mostly be seen on the teeth in the back of his mouth, there didn’t seem to be a problem with the front teeth anyway but I can sincerely say that we have eliminated about 50-75% of the tartar buildup since we started doing it right.  Remember, I’m not one to brush my dog’s teeth so he had to do it himself which is where the KzGrit toothbrush comes in handy.  Ivar saw this as a dog pet toy and gave it a go right away! Here’s what I do. I let this one lay around for him to chew on anytime but it’s the only toy I leave in his cage at night. Also, once a day I spray his mouth with the dental lotion and then I bring him the KzGrit toothbrush to play with. 

What I like about this toothbrush is its ruggedness. Ivar is known to go through his chew toys pretty fast like most of the Boston Terriers we know but this one, he CANT get through! And like I said, we see the results so how’s that for affordable dog dental care?

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Another good thing about this product is you can put in the dishwasher. If your pooch happens to leave a lot residues or if he drops it anywhere and you don’t feel like cleaning it, just put it in the dishwasher! 

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This toothbrush is covered with bristles on the top and has a holding base on the bottom unlike treats or dog pet toys made in funny, original shapes but they don’t do anyting for their teeth. Rigid bristles helps to grind away plaque and loosen tartar in hard to reach places. If you don’t use dental lotion, dog toothpaste can be inserted along the bristle lined grooves which helps to clean their teeth deeply, very deeply indeed as far as I see with Ivar.  

inside Ivar's mouth
Tartar build-up on Ivar’s canines

The results you see in the picture beside, is after using this method for 2 weeks! The tartar buildup was twice what you see here! Let’s hope it all goes away.


Now, I’m not going to bore you into a more detailed review as it’s just a toothbrush and there is not that much to say about that. When looking for a  dog’s toothbrush, you look for sturdiness and efficiency and this one gives you just that for a very affordable price. It will last and it will clean, what else do you want? I know that’s all I need… Until my next visit to the vet I guess lol 

Seriously though, Vets really recommend to brush their teeth at least 3 times a week on top of what we have just discussed. I have never done it with any of my previous dogs and it has never been an issue. If I see that in the long term I should start doing it, I will but until then, the KzGrit and the lotion really work so I highly recommend it.

If you have any comments or experience on the subject, please share with us by writing in the comment section below.

Thanks again for reading me and until next time, enjoy time with your pooch!


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4 thoughts on “The KzGrit Dog Toothbrush Review: Will You Love It?”

  • This blog post is a really awesome review on the KzGrit dog toothbrush review! I have been thinking of getting a dog for a long time now, but a dog’s oral health has never really been on my mind until I read this article. I’m wondering if this toothbrush would work fine for all dog breeds? Do you also have any other tips on keeping good oral health for your dogs? Thanks!

    • Hi Kevin! Thank you for your comment and please read more on this page and get yourself a Boston! hahahah they’re the Best!! this brush comes in many sizes so yes, it will work for any breed. As for futher oral hygiene tips, what’s left reallyis the daily brushing by the master which I am not incline to do but some people do it. I will probably write in this siin as well. Keep coming back! 


  • This is a very interesting article about the KzGrit Toothbrush. 

    I don’t personally own a dog, but know that If and when that time comes, it’s now something I’ll have to consider, which is brushing it’s teeth.

    For years on a farm, this was never a thing, so it’s crazy to think the recommendation is 3 times a day! Did the vet seriously mention this? 

    • Hi Jeremy and thank you for your comment. 3 times a day! I know! It’s crazy! Like I said, it’s always a matter of how much issues you have. I personnally don’t have much issues with his teeth ans so far, what I’ve started doing is working so I will keep it up until I have to do more.

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