How To Stop Dog From Chewing On Furniture Now!

Ivar holds his Cochkong

The chewing of the dog is an essential need, which allows him to maximize his well-being. It might not be obvious to us, but when you consider all the efforts they put in, this action allows him to exert himself physically. Chewing accomplishes a number of things for a dog. For young dogs, it’s a way to relieve pain that might be caused by incoming teeth. For older dogs, it’s nature’s way of keeping jaws strong and teeth clean. Chewing also combats boredom and can relieve mild anxiety or frustration.

How To Get My Dog To Stop Chewing?

First of all you don’t want to stop your dog from chewing as it is in his instinct and as we have seen before, it is vital for dogs to chew. What we want to get rid of though is destructive chewing. When we first got Ivar, one of our main concerns was that we didn’t want our dog to chew on our shoes! Especially Arlene whose understanding of dogs was (at the time) limited to what other people said.

Most dog owners will tell the funny story of when they caught their pooch preying on their old sandals, boots and many objects of no value. Of course we also heard stories of very expensive damage done by dogs. Obviously, those stories come back to mind when you’re in the process of purchasing a dog.  So basically, I had to come up with great arguments about the chewing if I wanted to get a dog, a beautiful Boston Terrier.  So how do you keep a dog from doing that?

First of all, we bought him a ton of chewing toys (ok maybe just 5 or 6).
Second, we played everyday with him and his toys, we teased him with them.
Third, we bought a cage to restrain access to the house while we’re not available.  Yes, some may disagree but when we’re not home or when we sleep, he goes to his little house. (I will write later on that and you might appreciate the benefits).

Finally, but I believe the most important part: when your dog chews on unallowed stuff, remove it from him and replace the said thing with one of his toys then encourage him to use it.  Be cheerful when you make the switch and he will come to understand.  Be patient and understand his instinct to chew.
Alright Jeff, that’s pretty simple but what did you buy? I have bought many but the next paragraph will give you my appreciation.


Top 5 Cheap Dog Toys Online

  1.  Cotton Blend 3-Knot Rope Tug

    This is the first toy that we took out of the box. It is sturdy and and somehow very appealing to dogs, well, to Ivar at least 😉  It is lots of fun for your dog to tug against you and all but bear in mind that it is a bit too big for a puppy so be careful not to break one of his teeth! Otherwise, this is a must have. You can also train your dog to  retreive when your arms are tired of tugging!!
  2.  Sandal Shaped Cotton Rope 

    What a great surprise that was! We bought this one thinking he was gonna go for these sandals rather than ours and it worked! I don’t think it has anything to do with the shape though. Since we gave him a lot of options from the start, he never actually aimed for any of our shoes. We were a bit worried that it could actually confuse him with real ones but again, nope! He enjoyed that toy sooo much!  The only downside of these when your dog is a Boston Terrier is durability. It doesn’t keep his shape for long. Ivar busted it within the first two days but kept chewing on it for weeks, until we thought it was a bit disgusting and we threw it away. I still buy one from time to time because he really enjoys destroying it! 🙂
  3. Bangcool Pet Treat Toy

    Still using it 2 years later! A friend of ours told us about this type of chewing toy. It actually has two functions; it dispenses treats and act as a chewing toy. Ivar really liked it because we put little mini bacon flavored training treats  and he could dig in this for a full hour trying to get them! One day we heard that we could fill it up with peanut butter so we gave it a try. WHAT A SUCCESS!! for Ivar at least. He really enjoyed it but we didn’t like the fact that we had to clean the inside because his tongue could not reach far enough inside. We just decided to let it lay around the house for him to chew on it and we also use it to keep Ivar in shape by throwing it at him on cold days when he doesn’t want to go for long walks.
  4. Split Elk Antler Dog Chew 

    What a tough chew toy for dogs! They are very durable, they clean their teeth well and don’t make mush residues in the house. It is a bit hard when dropped on wooden floors though and will probably wake up the kids sleeping in the basement! (ask my 14 year old lol) SPLIT VERSUS WHOLE: The split elk antler works best for easy-going chewers or average chewers. This type of antler is great for average puppies and older dogs. I have tried both and found that the split is the best, and it seemed more engaging to Ivar than a whole one. When you think about it, elk antlers can also be a great Christmas toy for dogs!

  5. Pine Fiber Chewable Sticks

    This, in my opinion, has proved to be the best chewing toy for dogs so far. It is strong, hard to go through, somewhat soft enough so you don’t hear too much chewing noise and it won’t scratch your floors! It has been six months now and Ivar is still chewing on it!
    It really is OUR top choice, so go ahead and Get One Right Now!

How to Stop Puppy from Chewing Furniture!

There are many factors that make puppies chew on furniture. I have listed good, cheap chewing toys for dogs earlier but what if my dog has destrcutive chewing behavior? I am no expert on that field as I never own a destructive dog. I did some research for you though and this what I have come up with.
There are a few reasons that can cause this and we need to rule out first.
Your dog may suffer from Separation Anxiety . Dogs who suffer from this condition chew a lot more when left alone and they also display other signs of separation anxiety, such as whining, barking, pacing, restlessness, urination and defecation. 
Fabric Sucking is also a conditon and it might require some behavorial expert to look into your dog’s behavior. Some dogs lick, suck and chew at fabrics. Some experts believe that this behavior results from having been weaned too early (before seven or eight weeks of age).
The most obvious one yet very overlooked is Hunger . That’s right. Is your Boston Terrier getting enough calories for all the energy he burns? Make sure that the food is of good quality and has enough protein.

Find out more about food quality here———— What Do Boston Terriers Eat?

Once those factors have been removed from the equation, if your dog still shows some destructive chewing behavior, you can use the tips I gave earlier on this post as it has worked for me and as I always say, consult your veterinarian.  Remember every dog is unique and so is his master. Try according to his personality but whatever you try, please remember to be humane and the next few things:

  • Punish if you catch him doing it. Never punish him after the fact. He cannot connect your punishment with some behavior he did hours or even minutes ago.
  • Do not leave him alone for more than 6 hours
  • Do not hurt him, squeeze his jaw or muzzle him to stop him from chewing
  • Be more patient, they don’t do this intentionaly against you, it’s just instinct!!

    For more complete information, I suggest you consult this ASPCA’s page.

I hope you have enjoyed this short read and that I have brought a bit of enlightment to your dog’s behavior.  Every dog is different but guidelines are all about the same. My guideline and I hope it’s the one you use as well is TLC (Tender,Love, Care). Give your dog what he needs and you will benefit from a happy and very loving companion.

J-F Blanchette 

4 thoughts on “How To Stop Dog From Chewing On Furniture Now!”

  • Thank you for this informative read on why dogs chew so much. 

    I grew up with dogs for virtually all of my childhood and always tried to teach them good chewing habits, using the right toys and foods. I wish I had read an article like yours when I was a child! 

    My border collie just loved tennis balls. This play and fetch ball was also a great mechanism for the chewing and energy release that was obviously much needed. We were lucky in the fact that we didn’t really require anything else to chew or play with, it was simply more tennis balls. 

    What might be some options to encourage dogs to chew, that don’t want to? This to me seems like it may be a challenge if you have a dog that doesn’t chew. 

    Thanks again

    • Thanks for your input Dale! It’s true, even the simplest ball, be it tennis or other, will work to get them to play and fetch but they’re usually not made of materials that would be recommended to chew on. That’s why I prefer to get real dog stuff but throw and fetch are definitely part of the exercise routine!

      I never heard of a dog that does not chew unless he’s injured in the mouth. My guess would be that anything with a flavor would probably get him to chew though… I’ll talk to my vet about that.

      Thanks again!

  • Thank you very much for this valuable and detailed post about Dogs Chew. This is a very important post for me. Because I have two dogs. Also, thank you very much for this dog toy recommendation. I was looking for a dog toy. Keep posting like this. I definitely share this.

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